Lavrio-Cesme ferry service expected to begin mid-June
Φωτογραφία αρχείου

Lavrio-Cesme ferry service expected to begin mid-June

The Lavrio-Cesme jourey is seven hours long non-stop

The ferry route between the Greek port of Lavrio, SE Attica, and the Turkish port of Cesme is expected to begin its service in mid-June, it was announced on Wednesday.

Izmir-based company Aegeanseaways will manage the 191-meters ferry, which was built in 1989 and is leased from a Ukrainian company. The ship is certified by Lloyd's Register, can carry cars, trucks and containers and it features a heliport, a gym, a kindergarten and a casino.

The Lavrio-Cesme jourey is seven hours long non-stop, and is predicted to greatly reduce transit times from Europe to Turkey for travellers and goods.

The Aegeanseaways' Chairman is Bulent Ipek, and the will be represented in Greece by Stefmar LTD-International Forwarders & Maritime Co., headed by Stefanos Karakanis. 

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