ND programme is leading the country to default, Achtsioglou says
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ND programme is leading the country to default, Achtsioglou says

SYRIZA spokesperson attacked the ND leader, about the programme, in an interview

The New Democracy (ND) programme "is leading the country to default," SYRIZA spokesperson Effie Achtsioglou said on Thursday in an interview with News 24/7 radio.

She also attacked the ND leader about the programme, which she said provides for tax reliefs on large companies and dividends. This measure, she said, is estimated to cost at 1.5 billion euros by itself. At the same time, she said, Mitsotakis overlooks illegalities in order to remove obstacles in enterpreurship.

Asked if the prime minister plans to resign if he is defeated in the general elections on July 7, Achtsioglou said that "(Prime Minister) Alexis Tsipras is a political capital for the country, and inspires and unifies progressives."

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