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Government's new benefits policy for families, young couples and children includes easing fostering, adoption

The government is planning to introduce a package of measures for young couples wishing to have a child

The government's new benefits and support policy for families, young couples and children will be presented at an event to be held at Zappeion Megaron on December 11, under the title "A Family for Every Child: The New Policy for Fostering and Adoption", as per an initiative of Deputy Labor Minister responsible for Welfare and Social Solidarity, Domna Michailidou.

In this context, the government is planning to introduce a package of measures for young couples wishing to have a child, as well as for existing parents faced with the daily obligations of parenthood.

A first in Greek legislation is a birth allowance, introduced as a measure of demographic policy, an incentive to boost current and potential parenthood. The parallel aim is to modernize the family benefits policy and adapt it to contemporary needs.

The government is also promoting tax relief measures for all types of families, including families with children with disabilities and large families.

These measures also seek to strengthen the social inclusion of children through universal access to nursery services and to also achieve the widest possible integration of parents into the labor market.

In some specifics, children born on-or-after January 1, 2020, will receive a 2,000 euro one-off payment, via a simplified process based on a wide spectrum of qualifying beneficiaries, one of the main prerequisites being that in order to receive the child allowance, the child's enrollment in school and its physical attendance at school is introduced as a new pre-condition.

In particular, VAT on infant and child car seats is reduced to 13 pct from the current 24 pct, as this measure comes along a state subsidy for large families - to be sourced from state lottery revenue - as well as to a social dividend of 700 euros for all families with children with disabilities up to 24 years old.

The new support policy for families with children with disabilities also includes a so-called 'personal assistant', in view of supporting independent, equitable living for all those involved.

Finally, the government's commitment to universal families' access to day care services stands firm to ensure no family is left without said access in the school year 2020-2021, by increasing the number of nurseries and increasing municipal financing where necessary in order to create additional kindergartens.


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